“Making Me Dizzy” 48×60

Making Me Dizzy 48x60“Making Me Dizzy” is a large acrylic 48×60. It hangs in my husband’s office in Hampton Virginia where it takes up a large spot on a reception room wall. Another in a series  of carnival/ festival paintings  this piece is a bit more abstract in its design and has more dark passages in it than usual . I really like it- it has to me the feeling of wandering around a carnival or even a Busch Gardens kind of place, at night. The sky is black and the nights are glaring.


  1. More beautiful creations! I own three of your originals which hang on the staircase wall where I can enjoy them every time I pass by them or look up in that direction. I get lots of compliments from guests who can see them when they enter the house… Keep painting; I love your work.

  2. Patricia Weber says

    Hope it doesn’t make your husband’s patients want to wonder around in his offices! I like the balance of the light, brights and the darker contrasts. Beautiful Gloria.

  3. Christine Talbot says

    It reminds me of going to the Seattle World’s Fair many, many years ago at night. Beautifu!

  4. Mark Swilley says

    Such flair and brilliance of color! Love the subject matters as well, almost makes me feel like a part of the scene.

  5. Thanks Mark!

  6. I’ve seen this painting in your husbands office and it always takes me back to Buckroe Amusement Park when I was a kid. I just love it.

  7. I only wish I had more reference material regarding Buckroe and other local historic amusement parks. And i really love that painting as well! Makes me smile

  8. jenifer hawkins says

    Gloria, borrowed your Dizzy for my ‘file pic on FB and was delighted at the amount of buzz it generated! Even my two teenaged boys were entranced…properly credited you, naturally, and left this link so you should be getting some more visitors. Thanks for sharing with us all – amazing work!

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