After the Fair

After the Fair II

After the Fair II 45×52 acrylic on canvas

Yes there is an “After the Fair  (I)” but it is smaller and I decided I need to keep it for myself for a while. This does happen to artists. we fall in love with some pieces of our art and unlike , say, a writer who publishes so that the public can enjoy his/her art form yet keeps the original (although it usually sits  on a disk somewhere or in cyberspace), a painter who sells the work- well that is it. Even if you keep a photo or have a giclee printed it is not the same as the original. So I painted the second one which is different from the first  – I cannot seem to recreate the original. The subject is based on my experiences at the carnival- specifically the one that comes to Hampton Virginia each year- American Amusements. I feel comfortable taking photos even though this painting is less about the carnival than about 3 invented girls who are leaving it after what was hopefully a great evening. I enjoy having whoever views it determine what they are saying and doing.

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