Artist Spotlight from Murphy Montgomery Fine Art Gallery

I was delighted to participate in this Artist Spotlight by the Murphy Montgomery Fine Art Gallery in Port Warwick, Newport News, Virginia.  They shared the following in their recent email newsletter:

Artist Spotlight
Gloria Coker

Gloria Coker Painting at the Virginia Living Museum, Newport News, Virginia

Many people ask how I paint my subjects –where do I get reference material etc. Although it would be far easier to have a photo to copy most of my work evolves from bits and pieces pulled together from a vast “morgue” of reference material that I have accumulated over the years. The majority of the photography is my own. Some music pieces are based on musicians of the past and are obviously culled from photos that have appeared in the media. But I am not a slave to any photos, and my work in its final versions bears very little resemblance to the material I use. I have the ability to draw well and fast-I honed those skills when I worked for 12 years as a newspaper artist illustrator ….

Read more about Gloria by visiting our website
and visit the gallery to see her latest paintings!

China Town Painting

“China Town” on display at Murphy Montgomery Fine Art Gallery


All that Jazz Band

“All That Jazz Band” on Display at the Murphy Montgomery Fine Art Gallery


Jersey Boys

“Jersey Boys” on Display at Murphy Montgomery Fine Art Gallery


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