Revising Bourbon Street Painting

Another new painting in acrylics – or rather a redof an older one that never really satisfied me.

The subjects were actually performing in the street in New Orleans in front of a jazz band. I wanted more energy in the painting so there are areas of loose edges and scumbling to allow the viewer to read into the painting.

Bourbon Street Dancers
Bourbon Street Dancers (revised)

White Dancer in the Forest

A little on the sentimental and nostalgic side! I don’t know anyone who runs through the woods in a long white dress.

White Dancer in the Forest

Size 24×48

Get Your Bobby Socks Boogie Rocking

Or is it Bobby Sox?   Takes me back to the sock hops of years ago. It must be early in the evening since he still has his coat on.

Bobby Socks Dancer Painting

Size:  24×30 Gallery Wrap

Checkout Her Moves

I am trying to introduce more color and movement in this piece.  Can you sense the movement?

Wild Dancer Painting

Size 16×20

Outerbanks Frenzy

My family and I love our time at the Outerbanks, North Carolina.  Being with the family at the beach can be relaxing for some or a bitOuterbanks Frenzy wild.  You choose.


Red Dancers

Red is my signature color  (in case you didn’t see enough of it in my paintings).  And these dancers exude the movement and vibrancy deserving of red.  What is your signature color?

Red Dancers

Red Streamers at the Shore

What a wonderful combination . . . dancing with streamers at the shore.

Red Streamers at the Shore

Carnival Dancers with Artisitic License

Carnival DancersThese carnival dancers are loosely based on dancers I saw a long time ago at the Winnipeg Canada Folk Festival’s Caribbean pavilion. There they had long dresses with more yellow and were inside a school gym. Artistic license.

Ladies Dance – Women in Art

Ladies DanceLadies Dance is a totally made up painting. These ladies do not exist in a photo. They are conjured up as a result of my painting so many women. I can’t tell you how many complete paintings lie under this one. But none of them suited me. (of course what usually happens is that i photo them and go back after a while and realize the original painting was actually the best one.Oh well .But this one continues to make me smile. It is not perfect but I like the color and movement. The viewer can decide whether they are dancing or just having a heated conversation.

An Inspirational Trip

Dancing the Bourbon Street TangoBourbon Street Tango is a work that resulted from a trip to New Orleans in February.   I was walking in the French Quarter and happened upon a group of musicians and a dancing couple.  I joined the crowd to watch them perform for the next hour and bought their CD.   I play their CD when I want to paint something that has movement such as these dancers.  I actually dance while I am painting which leads to quite a few water bucket spills and paint splashes on myself my surroundings.

This piece hangs in the  Norfolk Academy until May 8th.  Come enjoy their art show and sale.

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