Participating in the Halls of Art XII at the Hampton Roads Convention Center

The exhibition begins October 30, 2013 through May 9, 2014.  I’m excited to be entering my “Ladies Come into the Light” and “Here Comes the Bride.”  Stop by on your way to a concert or convention center function.

The Ladies Come Into the Light

Here Comes the Bride

Award of Merit in Hampton Arts Center Show

The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center in Hampton, Virginia, is holding their annual art exhibition from January 26 – February 24, 2013.  Their website describes it as

This annual exhibition features the art work by many of the over 250 Hampton Arts League members in all media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, crafts, sculpture and watercolor.

I was honored with an Award of Merit for my painting, “Parade.”  Come out and see the wonderful exhibition.


Giving Back through Painting Auction at Achievable Dream Tennis Ball

Giving back is important.  Seeing children reaching toward their dreams and their potential is amazing.  The Achievable Dream schools in Newport News, Virginia help give at risk kids an extra hand up out of poverty through “character development-based education program.”  This year, I’m offering four paintings at the annual auction.  You can participate in the auction on Saturday, October 27th at the 20th Annual Achievable Dream Tennis Ball.   Here are two of the paintings to be auctioned . . . .

City Lights
8X10 Acrylic

City Lights Painting for Achievable Dream Auction

Street Corner
8×10 Acrylic

Street Corner Painting for Achievable Dream Auction


Can You Find the Babes?

There are several female figures lurking in these woods. Perhaps 10.  Can you find them all?

Babes in the Woods - 30x30
Babes in the Woods
30 x 30

Revising Bourbon Street Painting

Another new painting in acrylics – or rather a redof an older one that never really satisfied me.

The subjects were actually performing in the street in New Orleans in front of a jazz band. I wanted more energy in the painting so there are areas of loose edges and scumbling to allow the viewer to read into the painting.

Bourbon Street Dancers
Bourbon Street Dancers (revised)

New Paintings at the Harbor Gallery

Food Court at Harbor Gallery, Norfolk, VirginiaI have a number of new paintings showing at the Harbor Gallery.  There are 11 paintings on display ranging in size from 8×10 to 36×48.  What a great chance to see these paintings hung and image how they would look in your home or office.

If you’re in the Norfolk area, it’s a great way to see my fine art in person. You can visit the Harbor Gallery at 1508 Colley Ave. Norfolk, Virginia.  Not sure where it is, give them a ring at:  (757) 627-2787

Checkout Her Moves

I am trying to introduce more color and movement in this piece.  Can you sense the movement?

Wild Dancer Painting

Size 16×20

Beach Picnic

Beach Picnic PaintingI have always enjoyed picnics and these girls are following the time honored trek to the beach.





Solo Guitar

Painting a Solo GuitarDid I ever struggle with this painting. There must be 3 or 4 versions of it underneath all the paint. It was not until I had given up and threw all caution to the winds that I feel the real me emerged. I am a drawer- I love the line and the feel of drawing and when I finally yielded to it, this evolved -and I love it.




Finish Line

Crossing the Finish Line PaintingOne of a series of bicyclists, this painting is based on nothing more than my interpretation of three racers. There is very little detail.  Hopefully the feeling of cyclists racing has been successfully captured.

Several members of my family are serious cyclists.   I am happy to paint a little abstractly. Those who enjoy activities, even on a hobby level,  can get very uptight about details and accuracy.

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