Can You Find the Babes?

There are several female figures lurking in these woods. Perhaps 10.  Can you find them all?

Babes in the Woods - 30x30
Babes in the Woods
30 x 30

Preparatory Sketch

When I start out on a new painting, I often sketch out what I’d like to do on a small canvas – in this case an 8×8.  It saves me from making a wrong start on a huge canvas, but it’s also fun to see how the colors begin to come together.

Sketch Swamp in the Afternoon

Swamp in the Afternoon

The beauty of nature in the warm afternoon sunshine.

Swamp in the Afternoon

Through the Trees

Remember playing hide and seek as a child?  This painting gives a glimpse of those days hiding behind a tree.

Through the Trees


This painting may not be Niagara Falls, but you’ll be wondering where the spray is while you enjoy it.



Woodland Stream in Autumn

Bring the peace and soothing sounds of a woodland stream home with this new landscape.  Just makes me more relaxed looking it again.


Woodland Stream in Autumn

A Tree Falls in the Forest

Did you hear it?  If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound.  Well this one may not be very noisy, but it is colorful.  Enjoy!A Tree Falls in the Forest (36x24)


Western Exposure

This painting is part of my newest series on landscapes. Notice how the landscape is treated a bit more abstractly. Fall brings out a more colorful scene.
Painting called Western ExposureWestern Exposure
12″ x 16″
Acrylics on Wrapped Canvas

Tree of Dreams

This painting brings a bit of whimsy to my newest landscape series. The tree seems to absorb the wonder and imaginations of dreams.
Tree of DreamsTree of Dreams
24″ x 24″
Acrylics on Wrapped Canvas

Tide Pool

While part of my new landscape series, this painting is really a seascape. Tidal pools prevail throughout the coast line. They are captivating to watch as the tide rises and falls.

Tide Pool PaintingTide Pool
22″ x 28″
Acrylics on Wrapped Canvas