Day at the Museum

Today at the Virginia Living Museum, I was sketching the red wolves.  A group of school children stopped by and about five of the 4th graders were so interested in my discussing how I sketched and other things about the wolves, they never turned around to actually watch the wolves play.  But I think there may be a budding artist in the group. That was reward for me.

The most memorable event was when I sat down on  a bench in front of the fish/turtle aquarium to watch the children as they watched the turtles. A group of boys were absolutely entranced with how close they could get to the turtles.  The turtles would swim up to the surface and then just stare back at the boys. When it was time to leave, the boys slowly walked away. One boy turned and stepped back to the tank, bent down over the water surface, looked down on the turtle and whispered “I love you.”

Just made my day.

Fish Tank at VLM

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