Holiday Musings 2014

Hi to all my clients and art lovers

Harbor Gallery Painting

I enjoyed painting this large piece 48×60. It is in the Harbor Gallery in Norfolk, Virginia

It seems that those who love art are beginning to emerge from the depths of the post-2008 economic despair – we artists may never again see the heyday that was pre-2008 – but slowly things are looking up.

I still believe that for me the best is yet to come.  I do not think that I have peaked in my art and hop you will all follow me in my journey. (Oh no – I used the J word – the one so overused by the Bachelorettes and Bachelors)

I have worked my way through the water color landscapes and seascapes and people and portraits into the acrylic and mixed media world of ballroom dance, musicians, and street scenes and women figures and now wonder what will be my new subjects / series for 2015.  How does one address the contemporary scene without using electronics and folks holding onto their iPhones for ear life somehow does not lend itself to paintings by me.  Oh well.

I have had a great volunteer experience this past year of being able to paint and draw for the visitors and school children who come to the Virginia Living Museum.  Some of them have never seen someone paint a picture from start to finish and the awe on their faces is rewarding and inspiring to me.  I catch their attention as they race from the turtles to the jellyfish.

Musings of a painterWell last year I waited till Christmas morning to write my memories of the year.  Doing better.  Now that we have cleaned up after discovering this morning that we have at least one mouse that has taken up refuge from the cold in our pantry, I can concentrate.  Did you know mice like dried coconut?

More artist musingI don’t think you are really interested in how unbelievably awesome my grandchildren are. But I am using Dragon Dictation to put my stories down somewhere where they can be read by generations of Cokers who have nothing better to do.  One story:  My granddaughter has sampled quite a few sports in her 9 years and when I asked her if she thought she would ever score a goal in soccer, she said that it would only happen if she threw up on the ball and the goalie refused to touch it. Now that is funny.  I gave Will and Ben lollipops from Sedona with real scorpions in them.  Ben, at 10, almost freaked out.  He thought they were plastic or made of sugar.  Will is 13 so he was cool.  All three of them have swum competitively so I no longer have to worry about saving them from drowning at the beach (Headline:  “Grandma Jiggles to the Rescue!!! Seen by Thousands on YouTube!!!”).  Now I only need to worry about everyone else’s children.

This is a memory of Ocean View amusement parkLuke and I will celebrate a milestone anniversary early next year.  I sometimes see the anniversary announcements in the newspaper and think how old those folks look – even those who haven’t survived marriage nearly as long as we have.  Now that my cataracts are gone and I no longer need to wear glasses, I can see all their wrinkles published for the world to see.  (See there is a reason for less visual clarity).  But without glasses the bags under my eyes are much more visible – which just goes to show you that under every silver lining there is some mold.  Although the cosmetic skin business is booming, we still encourage you all to soak up the sun and pick those poison ivy bouquets.  Need to keep the business successful for when Will or Ben or Ellie decides to take it over.  Luke is still working three days a week.  He just loves seeing diseased skin.  He is now seeing the grandchildren of the kids he saw as teenage acne patients.  He will probably continue until we take he car keys away.  I am still painting.  How much trouble can you get into painting canvases?  Well you can, but I live in the South so I am not going there!  Still trying to figure out what to paint next.  Maybe a series on the Seniors (hate that term) who actually need my daughter’s cosmetic services? Hashtag #gotbotox.

So keep thinking good thoughts as we gear up for 2015.  I will be thinking about you.

Your friend,


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