How I Sabotage Myself

The Coffee Was Suspect

Myself Sabotage - My second cup of coffee

Recently I had a cup of coffee at home that wasn’t the best.

I thought as I was driving to Manteo, NC that I would stop and pick up a better cup of coffee. I went through a drive-through, ordered, and because I was giving myself a break from being health-conscious, ordered an additional bagel with cream cheese.

I went to eat my breakfast in their parking area and found that they had added too much sugar to my coffee. It was too sweet and I couldn’t drink it. Because I felt it was probably my own fault for not enunciating properly into the voicebox, I went through again and ordered another coffee.

I explained my being dumb about my first coffee order and the young woman at the drive-through window gave me a delicious doughnut (which I of course ate) in addition to my new coffee order.

In retrospect this breakfast wasn’t all that good. Taking the time to fix my own coffee at home would have saved me half a day’s worth of calories and lots of guilt.

Painting a Healthy Lifestyle

A few months ago, I was congratulating myself on consistent healthy eating and reaching a decent weight (except for my waistline which, let’s face it, ain’t ever going away). Tonight I climb on the scale after months of feeling no need and I am in a state of shock! Did I mention the holiday season has just begun. Add to that the winter retreat to the great indoors, coupled with more COVID isolation, and who knows where that dial will stop.

I can no longer fool myself into believing that slopping paint around canvases is an upper body workout. No, it does not result in more muscle mass and thus a heavier healthier body.

Staying at home has led us all into daily wardrobes only slightly more formal than pajamas. Designers are putting out more elastic waistbands. No need to diet when all clothing fits nicely. Wearing masks camouflages us so well no one recognizes us so who needs makeup. Turtlenecks cover what masks do not so poof no more turkey wattle.

The first step to getting healthy again is no more takeout. No more bang bang shrimp, mashed potatoes and the wonderful warm, crusty bread with pesto.

Can’t blame takeout though. I do a wonderful eating my own cooking. Must ease up on chunks of cheddar and cream cheese in a green jalapeño boat covered with bacon. Won’t even mention Luke’s homemade divinity, fudge, and brownies (It is the holiday season). It all leads to an apron that is not made of fabric.

Carbs begone!

Not waiting for any new year’s resolution.

Stay shut refrigerator door!

Going to practice Hygge the Scandinavian approach to dealing with long cold dark winter-exercising outside regardless the weather. Enjoying it. So stay tuned.

The Finale

But talk about sabotaging yourself. I just saw a young man looking through his mail at the curbside while standing in the road close to where cars are passing him. Did I mention he was smoking a cigarette? When he gets hit by a car he will be able to say it wasn’t COVID and it wasn’t lung cancer. it was sheer stupidity. UGH!!

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