New Sports Art Showing Coming Soon

When most people think of sports, halls of fame, and sports art they focus on the professional “greats” especially they have been depicted in art in the past.

When I was offered the opportunity to exhibit I decided that I wanted to show the pre-professionals sport. The little kids just starting out in soccer and track and the serious adults who, though not pro caliber, have the same enthusiasm.

I put the word out to friends and on Facebook that I would love to see their photos and videos. I took my own as well and from all the info found myself with a collection of reference material.

  • An old photo I took of Ille Nastase serving in a tennis tournament many decades ago.
  • Kayakers filmed by our builder’s son of he and friends white water kayaking in Oregon.
  • My granddaughters soccer team.
  • My daughter on a bike.

Some are mere impressions handled very loosely and others more delineated. Each reflects my feeling of the moment and hopefully you will enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Stay tuned for more information on this showing coming to Portsmouth, Virginia.

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