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Thought you might enjoy this testimonial from a long time patron of my work.  The best artwork is the most shared.

When I look at Gloria’s web site, or her art in my home, or her art in galleries from the East to the West Coast, I am always struck by the vibrancy of her colors, the fluid motions of her subjects. Even static objects have life. I have been privileged to know Gloria for over three decades, beginning with her court sketches for the Daily Press.

Gloria has taught me to look at art with a different perspective, to appreciate the diversity of subjects and techniques from one artist to the next. I have followed her work through the years, and now I can look around my own collection and see her development and maturation as an artist.

From hand colored pen and ink scenes, to watercolors; from local historic buildings, to New Orleans’ Bourbon Street and city scenes; from action scenes of people at play, to people living their music; from figure studies to her iconic dancers. While her style has developed and evolved over the years she continues to capture the life, the vitality, the essence of the subject with both her vibrant colors and her fluid, almost mesmerizing, brush strokes.

Thank you for letting us see life with such unbridled joie de vivre. Thank you for being my friend.  Thank you for letting me grow with you.

Carlton H., Newport News, VA


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