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Hi Friends,

While I am waiting for my next big inspiration, I have decided to explore using my style of painting  and personalizing it to the activities of my clients. In the past, people have thought they recognized someone in my paintings.  In some cases, I have, in my own style, included known personalities into my paintings.

During my career, I have painted musicians and dancers as well as people involved in sports – pretty much people doing almost everything.  My thought was why not paint the same subject matter but plan to personalize it for my client.

When I paint a person playing tennis I utilize some reference material. Of course, I can take my own photos of tennis players in action.  But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone provide their photo?  I could use their photo and adapt it to make an exciting painting.  The painting would reflect more of a sense of the activity, yet be recognizable as a specific person. Within the painting I would create a sense of motion, add color, become less realistic and thus bring my own artistic sensibilities to the project.  Tennis is just one example.

As long as the project reflects my style and is not expected to be an exact portrait-like I think I can make just about anybody happy with a personalized work of art.

Here’s an example of what I intend for a cyclist from photo to fine art .  .  .


Bicycle Portrait Painting - AFTER

Let me know if you like this idea.  Would you have a photo, you believe would make a beautiful piece of art using my stylized approach?  Contact me and let me know.


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