So Here I am Sitting in

View from my hot tub

Written after our wedding anniversary on January 30

So here I am sitting in the hot tub with light fluffy snowflakes falling on me and my large billed hat. It’s about 9 o’clock and I am not feeling guilty about sleeping in because I have decided not to feel guilty about a lot of things. We live in the woods but there are lots of houses across the marsh. If any distant neighbors have nothing better to do than watch older people going into their hot tub on the deck, they are to be pitied.

Yesterday we met up with some friends to celebrate our anniversary. I am all excited. I am actually in a restaurant! So I harangued him about doing a blog because of his incredible experience in the world of sports journalism. He stared at me with a blank face the whole time I was ranting out my feelings about having a passion of writing which I wish I had, etc. And that he should write a blog himself. I will have to call him today to apologize. And I will send him this little writing.

Anyway after 56 years, my husband and I have our routines even though he won’t be able to go back to work until after his second COVID-19 shot kicks in.

It has been OK for me until now this living through COVID-19. I do miss seeing people and doing normal things. I work at home anyway and don’t have obsessive compulsion issues about how and when I paint.

But lately my brain has gone into overtime even after I fall asleep reading a book. I jerk myself awake. Every little issue is magnified. I watch the clock with the time passing and me still awake, which of course makes me more anxious.

Over the years I have sworn mentally that I would just get up and go paint if I could not fall asleep, but I never have. Or get up and move to another bedroom if something involving snoring keeps me awake. I have also sworn feebly to give up a cocktail late in the evening knowing the liquor is a stimulant. But last night my daughter and granddaughter came over and we had a rousing hysterically funny charades-like game and she brought some elderflower liqueur. So my recipe is two parts lime infused gin to one part elderflower liquor with a splash of jalapeño juice which is another story. Maybe that is why the game was so funny.

So last night I decided to leave my husband asleep and venture upstairs to my studio to finish changes on the commission and to splash some paint on something I am playing with. I was happily satisfied and by 1 o’clock I decided to go to bed and promptly fell asleep and woke up at eight. We will see if this regimen continues. If my circadian rhythm has really changed I may as well adapt to it.

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

Gloria and Luke celebrate their 50th anniversary on Jan 30, 2015.

Luke and Gloria Coker celebrating 50th Anniversary 2015

You might find this interesting:

Listen my children, if I can remember,
I’ll tell you story of love in September.
It happened in late nineteen sixty-four-

Our country had not as yet geared up for war.
The United States Navy seemed a safe place to be,
Especially if you were under the sea.
So he answered the call of the Submarine Service
Though traveling North made him feel quite nervous.

He’d never set foot on the land of the Yankees
But he got in his Malibu tall, dark, and lanky.
And so he drove North where the winters are brutal
And finding a y’all can be rather futile.

And no one sincerely says “Have a nice day”
And the trees all turn colors and the rivers are gray.
And the food is boiled and quite overdone,
He followed I-95 north to New London.

Little did he know that living up there
Was a girl who’d eventually curl up his hair.
She had a new Bachelor’s of Psychology
And worked at the shipyard in what’s called R and D.

But let me make one thing perfectly clear-
She worked for the money and not for career.
She wasn’t a feminist cause the timing wasn’t right,
So she worked all day and partied all night.

She dated a fellow for almost a year-
A real nice guy, a young engineer.
He had a friend, Waldo, an interesting creature
Who wanted too date her roommate, a teacher.

But the teacher insisted that they double date.
“He has a cute buddy and it might be great!
Your engineer’s gone home so don’t think of you only
His friend is so shy and he must be quite lonely.
I know it’s a blind date but don’t be a fool,
He’s a hick from the South but he’s gone to Med School!!”

The foursome went out for an evening in Groton.
The movie was dull, the nightclub was rotten.
The girl was quite flighty, but the boy was a rock.
And soon they got over the profound culture shock.

Well, their first date was on the fifth of September,
She got her engagement ring end of November.
Since they couldn’t see any reason to tarry,
They went to the Chapel on the 30th of January.

That folks, was fifty years ago and as the songs say
It does seem like it was only yesterday.

On January 30, 1965, Gloria J. Valko of Stratford, CT married William L. Coker, Jr. of Turbeville, SC. He has modified his southern accent and she talks slower.

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