Midsummer Dream Opening – When the Improbable Happens

Art Works Opening

320 Hull St
Richmond, VA

Opening of Midsummer Dream
Friday, June 26, 2020
6-7 pm and 7-8 pm (each small reception is limited to 50 people.  To attend, please register at ART WORKS )

An Improbable Art Show

Usually an artist becomes aware of a forthcoming show and peruses the prospectus to see if the show suits.  In my case I want to know

  • the theme,
  • the dimensions of the art,
  • where it is located (i.e. is it a long drive or local),
  • what does it cost,
  • Will you be accepted after you have spent time and money entering? Shipping is expensive. Is it worth it?
  • Will people in your demographic see it and
  • might it lead to future opportunities.

During this time in the world of the coronavirus, galleries were forced to close and many chose to hold exhibits online. Not a great idea for many artists, but at least the online exhibit is an opportunity to display their work.

So last week I happened on a show in Richmond that was going to display real paintings and after reading the prospectus decided that the whole of their theme of where have I been, where am I, where am I going could be interpreted as We rather than I. For those that know me, you will remember I was an activist for women back in the beginning of the women’s movement. So a painting that reflected our journey held interest for me.

The show’s deadline was the day I found out about it so I needed to do something quickly. I had about 3 hours and in that time decided on a subject, painted it, photographed it, and submitted it. I used to be a newspaper illustrator and worked on similar deadlines, but never on a 30×30 inch canvas. I should have titled it “She Persisted.”

For anyone who might not understand the elements in this busy painting, on the left are 2 suffragettes based on old photos that I googled for their dresses and hats. On the right is an interpretation of women marching on 2020 or in my case 2019. In the middle is the first woman president. So there it is “When the Improbable Happens.”

When the Improbably Happens

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